Baroque Publishers (U) Ltd is a publishing company dedicated to disseminating knowledge and ideas through innovative approaches. Since our incorporation in 2004, we have been committed to delivering critically needed, efficient and affordable literature that empower educators, learners and communities. 

Through continuous formation of proactive partnerships with key stakeholders, we strive to bridge the knowledge gap and make information accessible to all, fostering a culture of collaboration in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

In our 20 years of service, Baroque Publishers keeps broadening and expanding its scope of services after realizing the need to:

  • Supplement government efforts in disseminating knowledge and skills to spur a knowledge economy and society.
  • Join hands with state and non-state actors in understanding prevailing knowledge gaps from a holistic perspective.
  • Design realistic initiatives and their effective implementation strategies to empower educators, learners and communities.
  • Pool limited resources in fashioning appropriate responses to education challenges.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of human and professional capacity to respond to society needs.
  • Champion the propagation of the 21st century skills amongst learners and the youth.


Our vision is a literate, knowledgeable, socially and economically viable population of the Great Lakes Region and beyond.


To form proactive partnerships and broad networks with key stakeholders in the region for publishing relevant and affordable reading materials.


To publish critically needed reading materials through innovative approaches.


1. Partnership Building.

We believe in continuous formation of proactive relationships, built on trust, mutual respect and open communication to achieve shared goals and drive collective success.

2. Creativity and Innovation.

Embracing 21st century skills, we use diverse perspectives to develop and disseminate engaging and innovative content that is critical for a knowledge economy.

3. Learning and Growth.

We prioritize continuous learning, professional development and growth thus empowering our team and our stakeholders.


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Get your books published professionaly and in a timely manner,we also offer non-book materials such as; Magazines, Posters, Post cards, labels and stickers, Journals, Directories, Certificates and Annual Reports. 

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